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Key Motors Service Centres

Key Motors is located on Dalrymple Road. To access our service centres, turn off Dalrymple Rd onto Veness Ct. Click here to view a map.

Early Bird Check-in Service

For those customers with an early start, simply place your keys in an envelope (supplied by Key Motors) and write your name, rego no and contact details. Please advise our service consultants when you make you're booking. Remember to check our courtesy transport arrangements and times to help you get to where you need to be!

Alternatively, book online click here and advise us of your need for an Early Bird Check-In

Safety Certificate Inspection Centre

KEY MOTORS Service also offers the ability to conduct a fully certified Road Worthy Inspection or Safety Certificate. A Safety Certificate is a compulsory certification required if you are looking to sell, or transfer ownership of your vehicle.

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Key Motors Tyre and Wheel Service

Ensure road safety, and maximize the length of your tyres by asking KEY MOTORS to perform a wheel alignment, balance, and rotate at your next service.

  • New Tyres at Competitive Prices
  • Electronic Wheel Alignment (Front & Rear)
  • Electronic Wheel Balancing
  • Tyre Rotation

Courtesy Transport

KEY MOTORS offer a courtesy coach facility for mornings drops off and afternoon pick up for further information on the courtesy transport ask our service advisor when you are booking your next service.

Key Motors Accessories and After Market Products

Why not increase the look and value of your car by providing it with a unique accessory or vehicle protection program. Please ask about the opportunity to include the following items in your next scheduled service visit.

  • Genuine Accessories such as bull bars, headlight and bonnet protectors, and floor mats to just name a few
  • Full Protection Programs
  • Keep your car cool with Tinted Windows
  • Protect your vehicle with Rust Proofing
  • Protect your vehicles look by guarding against industrial fall out, and bird and bat dropping, ask about certified paint and fabric protection next time you call in to KEY MOTORS

Loan Car Policy

Loan cars are available at a cost of $44 inc GST per day.  Pre-booking is essential, conditions apply.

  • A loan vehicle can be booked upon booking in your vehicle, bear in mind that a suitable notice is required.
  • A photocopy of your driver's license will be taken. (No vehicle can be released without proof that the customer holds a current driver's license)
  • A loan vehicle will have fuel. All we require is that the vehicle is returned with the same fuel level as when it was taken.
  • Full comprehensive motor vehicle insurance will be maintained by the Loanee.
    A $1000.00 excess in the event of an accident. (to be collected by the insurance co)
  • The vehicle will not be neglected or abused whilst in the care of the Loanee.
  • Any Fault noted in the vehicle will be informed to the Motor Dealer forthwith.
  • The vehicle will not be loaned to a third party.
  • The vehicle will not be driven whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the Loanee will bear the total cost of loss or damage arising from any accident.
  • Any traffic breaches committed by the Loanee will remain the responsibility of the Loanee.
  • It is understood that title to the vehicle remains that of the Motor Dealer.
  • The Motor Dealer reserves the right to recall the vehicle at a moments notice without explanation.
  • Return of the vehicle to the Motor Dealer's address will be at the Loanee's cost and responsibility.
  • The vehicle will remain in the Metropolitan area unless authorised by the Motor Dealer.
  • The Loan Vehicle Agreement Form must be signed and completed by the customer, before the car is issued or taken.
  • If the loan vehicle is not returned on the same day a further day's fee will be charged.
  • Without your co-operation customers who have booked a loan vehicle the following day will be inconvenienced. There will be no exception to these terms and conditions unless approved by the Service Manager.