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Smooth as Glass, Tough as Nails

Engineered in Germany
Tested, Proven and Certified in the United States

Sold exclusively in Australia

PROTEKTIV Surface Coating

Tested, proven and certified; PROTEKTIV Paint Surface Coating is so outstanding that it has been certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification. This means PROTEKTIV has been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products.

Product Benefits

  • Abrasion resistance properties
  • Revolutionary high gloss finish
  • Self cleaning surface coating properties
  • Protection against damage caused by common environmental factors, including damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap, berry and fruit stains
  • Assists to prevent permanent damage caused by water marks and sunscreen
  • UV inhibitors to prevent UV induced discolouration and fading
  • Professionally applied

PROTEKTIV Leather Coating

Product Benefits

  • Deep down moisturising protection
  • Contains high quality lanolin ingredients
  • Assists in preventing UV induced discolouration, fading and cracking
  • Prevents permanent staining of treated surfaces from common food and drink spills
  • Scientifically designed for leather

PROTEKTIV Fabric & Carpet Coating

Product Benefits

  • Resilient and effective stain barrier against commonly consumed food and liquids
  • Provides protection against surface discolouration caused by UV damage
  • A BactiShield antibacterial system to help protect your vehicle’s fabric against harmful bacteria, molds and fungus

PROTEKTIV Vinyl Coating

Product Benefits

  • Protects against cracking and discolouration caused by UV damage
  • Purpose built for vinyl surfaces
  • Provides an easy to clean surface
  • Prevents permanent staining of the treated surface caused by common food and drink spills, as well as sunscreen and make-up

ENVIROKOTE Rust Proofing

Protect your vehicle from the unsightly, costly and dangerous formation of rust. ENVIRKOTE Rust Proofing is a clear, water-based, environmentally friendly coating that is designed to prevent the formation of rust in vehicles. The rust protection adheres to the metal and forms a seal over the surface, thus making your vehicle air and water tight.

Product Benefits

  • Protects the vehicle against (perforation) rust from the window level down.
  • Contributes to ensuring a safer vehicle – rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.
  • As rust is a safety issue, all states require vehicles to be free of structural rust in order to comply with state roadworthy/fitness laws.
  • Assists in preserving the re-sale value – rust in a vehicle can significantly reduce the re-sale value.


It is the darkest automotive film that creates a look to help your car stand out from the crowd. It’s the performance you need without compromising the look you want. STREET LEGAL provides you with all the protection and comfort you could want from an automotive window film.

Product Benefits

  • Maximum protection from harmful UV rays
  • Outstanding glare reduction
  • Exceptional heat rejection to help you keep your car cooler
  • Ultimate privacy

You will be centre of attention with STREET LEGAL AUTOMOTIVE FILM.

M-PROTEKT - Global Asset Recovery Device

Why you need vehicle monitoring

  • Peace of mind – know the location of your vehicle 24/7
  • Monitor authorised and non-authorised vehicle usage
  • Allows you to negotiate lower insurance premiums
  • Increases the chance of recovery if your vehicle is stolen

Key Features

  • No ongoing/lock-in contracts
  • Location on demand
  • Low cost credit based system
  • Geolock alert
  • Impact alert
  • 10 free location credits
  • 24/7 response centre assistance
  • 3 year warranty
  • Smartphone app access
  • Automatically roams mobile networks
  • Transferable