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The Science of Surface Coating

SMARTKOTE is a collection of High Performance Surface Coatings that can be tailored to your individual needs. The SMARTKOTE Surface Coatings are available individually, or as a complete protection package to provide total vehicle protection.

The SMARTKOTE Collection Includes:

  • Surface Coating
  • Vinyl Conditioner
  • Leather Preserver
  • Fabric & Carpet Protector

The Benefits of SMARTKOTE:

  • Environmentally friendly: containing no harsh chemicals
  • Enhanced UV protection: prevents disolouration of exterior surfaces
  • Stain resistant: against bird droppings, bat droppings and tree sap
  • Enhances paint colours: for a long lasting shine
  • Self-cleaning properties: to ensure an easy clean

If you are currently looking at purchasing a vehicle or would like to discuss vehicle protection for your present vehicle (even if purchased elsewhere) please don’t hesitate to contact our Vehicle Protection Department on 4727 7000 to discuss.